+251 111 559769      info@hilcoe.net
     +251 111 559769      info@hilcoe.net

Where exactly is HiLCoE located?

HiLCoE is located at Arat Kilo infront of the Parliament traffic light about 70 meters along the road to Piassa.

Who are eligible applicants for admission in HiLCoE Programmes?

For the MSCS and MSSE programmes, students should have first degree in computing or first degree in any discipline and a postgraduate diploma in computing or pass bridging courses.
For BSc. Degree in Computer science, students should pass The Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination or its equivalent and fulfill the formal requirements set by the Ministry of Education. Moreover, graduates with diploma/degree in other field or diploma in computer science from accredited university/college are also eligible.

What are Bridging Courses?

Applicants with a high level of aptitude in computing but non-IT degree in their academic background and/or have industry experience are welcome for admission. HiLCoE has designed bridging courses to this endeavour. The courses covered under the scheme are fundamental concepts in Programming, Algorithm, OS and Systems Design with hands-on-action project. The bridging scheme is, therefore, designed in order to qualify such applicants upon successful completion to join MSCS, MSSE or MBI programme. MBI applicants with IT related background have prerequisites to attend Business and Management related block courses.