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Ethio Telecom Partner with GETFACTet to Boost Students’ Digital skills

ADDIS ABABA – Ethio Telecom has signed a partnership agreement with GETFACT Ethiopia (GETFACTet), a US-based group, to implement the Brighter Generation program.

The joint program aims to enhance the digital skills of high school students with the involvement of professional Ethiopians living abroad.
The two will collaborate to provide various training in digital centers that Ethio Telecom set up in high schools across the country.

Apart from boosting students’ digital skills, the telco says the partnership will pave the way for technology transfers.

As per the agreement, the GETFACTet will coordinate Ethiopians in the diaspora to provide various short-term and dynamic training sessions to students in their country.

The classes will focus on communication, language, critical thinking, leadership, and computer programming.

Ethio Telecom, on its part, will provide the required expertise and technical support to facilitate the training both virtually and in person.

As per the agreement, the telco and GETFACTet will also work together to fully equip the training centers with materials required for learning.

GETFACTet Ethiopia is an organization established by Ethiopians and Diasporas living abroad with a view to promoting the good image of Ethiopia.

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