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Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, students will

  • understand current wireless systems,
  • know the different standards of cellular communication,
  • understand topologies of cellular and ad-hoc networks,
  • know trends of mobile computing and mobile communication,
  • be familiar with Android development environment, and
  • be able to develop mobile applications.

Course Description

This course introduces wireless communications and mobile computing. Topics include: overview of current wireless systems; wireless channel and system models; cellular communications, multiple access schemes; wireless communication systems standards (1G/2G/3G systems), topologies of cellular and ad-hoc networks; introduction to mobile computing; mobile devices and trends of mobile computing; mobile communication protocols; mobile operating systems; application development for mobile devices.

Course Content

  1. Wireless Communication
  2. Mobile Computing
  3. Application development for mobile devices