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Object-Oriented Software Engineering

Course Descriptions:

This course introduces students with the basic concepts and methods for a disciplined object-oriented software engineering processes with basic upfront introduction to the structured software engineering techniques and the following topics: Software engineering requirement: Elicitation, analysis/validation and specification of requirements, object oriented  analysis. Object Oriented Design: Methodologies such as prototyping, object-oriented and function-oriented, HCI, task management, data management

Object Oriented project management:  Organizing project team, project schedule, software metrics, cost and effort estimation etc., Implementation, Testing and Maintenance, Object-Oriented software reuse, configuration management, SQA, V&V, software development environment and software evolution.


  1. To understand the essence of object-oriented software process
  2. To become proficient in applying prototyping, object-oriented and function-oriented methodologies etc
  3. To understand and use project management, cost and effort estimation techniques
  4. To perform practical work (group/individual project) using real business problems

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • Software product and development processes
  • Modeling philosophies
  • Understanding the Basics-Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Software development using UML
  • Requirements
  • Software Architecture
  • Design
  • project management