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Logic Design

Course Descriptions:

This course covers the basics of digital logic circuits and design. Through the basic understanding of Boolean algebra and number systems it introduces students to the fundamentals of combinational logic design and then to sequential circuits. The course is an introductory course on digital design aimed at computer science students with no prior background in electronics or engineering. Students gain sufficient exposure to the predominant design concerns at the digital level to work effectively at hardware/software boundary in large applications.


Upon successful completion of the course, the student could:

  • Understand the concept of digital and binary systems
  • Efficiently manage the simplification of Boolean functions
  • Be able to design and analyze combinational logic circuits.
  • Be able to design and analyze sequential logic circuits.

Course Content:

  • Introduction To Digital Systems
  • Combinational Switching Circuits
  • Minimization of Boolean Functions
  • Design of Practical Combinational Logic Circuits
  • Sequential Logic
  • Design of Practical Sequential Logic Circuits
  • Information & Society