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Database Management Systems

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, students will

  • understand the basics of database design and its applications,
  • have the background to design, implement, and use database management systems,
  • learn to use relational database applications,
  • have the ability to design and implement moderate size database systems,
  • be able to explain the different levels of data security,
  • learn to use the SQL database language, and
  • be introduced to database security, backup and recovery, and concurrency control.

Course Description

This course introduces the students to the overview, design and implementation of database systems. Topics covered include: database concepts: definition of a database and benefits of database systems; architecture for database systems: internal, conceptual and external level architectures, database schema; implications of file organization and storage structures; overview of hierarchical and network data models; relational data model: data structures and integrity rules (entity and referential integrity); database design: entity relationship (ER) model, functional dependencies, avoidance of redundancy and normalization; mapping ER-models to relational tables; basics of relational algebra and relational calculus; SQL: data definition and data manipulation languages; basics of QBE; database security: backup and recovery, concurrency control.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Database systems
  2. Database Management Systems (DBMSs)
  3. Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMSs)
  4. Introduction to SQL
  5. Architecture of DBMS
  6. Other Topics