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Data Structure and Algorithms Analysis

Course Descriptions:

Introduction to data structure: Abstract data types, abstraction; Algorithm and algorithm analysis; Simple sorting and searching algorithms; Data structure: Linear ADTs (linked list, stack, queue), Non linear ADTs (binary trees); Advanced sorting and searching: heap sort, quick sort, merge sort, shell sort, hashing.


  1. After completing this course students should be able to:
  2. Understand common data structures and algorithms, and be able to implement them;
  3. Understand linked list, queue, stack, tree etc.
  4. Understand simple and advanced sorting and searching algorithms
  5. Analyze the complexities of data structures and algorithms;
  6. Analyze and chose appropriate data structure and algorithms for a particular problem domain

Course Content:

  • Introduction to data structure
  • Algorithm and Algorithm Analysis
  • Simple Sorting and Searching Algorithms
  • Data Structure
  • Advanced sorting and searching