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Computer Programming I

Course Descriptions:

This is the first course on structured programming. The course is not oriented to a particular programming language. It can be given using any structured programming language such as Pascal, C or C++. Students are not expected to have a prior programming experience. The course covers the following topics: Algorithms and its description, Steps to solve problems by computer, Basic elements in a programming language: identifiers, data types, variables, constants, reserved words, and expressions, simple data types, basic statements, structured (or collection) data types:


1.     To understand language fundamentals and steps in programme development

2.     To introduce the elements of programming with emphasis on problem solving, pseudo code, and programme structure

3.  To strengthen the students’ reasoning power and logical thinking

4.  To write programs on multi way selection and repeat statements

Course Content:

·      Preliminaries

·      C++ Fundamentals

·      Control Structure: Flow of Control

·      Arrays, Pointers and Strings