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Computer Programming II

Course Descriptions:

This course is a continuation of programming I applying the same structured programming language (tool) used. Hence, this course is designed to equip students with additional programming concepts which were not covered in CS221 and enhance their programming skills. Topics covered in this course are: Modular programming, Recursive programming, Iteration vs. recursion, File management, and Dynamic memory management


  1. To understand the principles of top-down development of a moderately complex programme
  2. To understand value parameters, standard functions, programmer defined functions
  3. To learn how to declare and define functions, and how to use local and global variables
  4. To have a clear grasp of the edit-compile-link-test-debug, as well as the tools to use at each step
  5. To be familiar with functional decomposition of a problem into sub-problems
  6. To understand modular programming

Course Content:

  • Modular Programming
  • User Defined Data Types
  • File Management
  • Recursion

Dynamic Memory management [DMM]