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Computer Graphics

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, students will

  • have a good understanding of the role and importance of 2-D graphics in computer systems,
  • understand the mathematics underlying objects transformations and clipping operations,
  • be familiar to 3-D graphic concepts,
  • be familiar to surface rendering and aware of the techniques which can be used,
  • be able to produce photo-realistic rendering,
  • be able to draw simple objects using C/C++, and to model more complex objects using simple primitives, and
  • create simple animations.

Course Description

Introduction (applications of computer graphics, Graphical User Interfaces, graphical input devices, graphical display devices, software standards, Open GL, GKS, PHIGS); simple drawing algorithms (line drawing and attributes, polygon drawing, circle drawing, ellipse drawing, character generation and attributes); transformations and clipping (basic transformations, translation, scaling, rotation, clipping algorithms); Windows and Viewports (co-ordinates representation, Viewing Pipeline, Window to Viewport transformation, zooming and panning effects with windows and viewports); 3-D Graphics (3-D Geometry, 3-D transformation, display methods, parallel projection, perspective projection, depth cueing, 3-D object representation, The Virtual Camera, modeling concepts); surface rendering.

Course Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Simple Drawing Algorithms
  3. Transformations and Clipping
  4. Windows and Viewports
  5. 3-D Graphics
  6. Surface Rendering