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Advanced Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensin

Course Descriptions:

This course is intended to introduce GIS data sources and inputs (various data capturing techniques including introduction to the concepts of remote sensing and Global Positioning System (GPS)); and GIS data processing and analysis (raster and vector data processing and analysis techniques). The concepts and techniques introduced in this course are further enhanced during subsequent courses of the program. It also covers topics like GIS Customization, Internet GIS, Modeling techniques, and advanced topics in remote sensing that covers the study of various sensor systems, image processing, enhancement, and classification methods, and thermal and microwave remote sensing techniques.


At the end of the course participants must be able to:

  1. Explain what energy sources are employed by Remote Sensing and their radiation principles
  2. How electromagnetic radiation interacts with the atmosphere and earth surface features
  3. What types of satellites are frequently used by Remote Sensing and how they are working
  4. How to process data brought from satellites using Digital Satellite image processing Techniques to extract meaning full information.

Course Content:

  • Basic physical principles in remote sensing
  • EM energy –matter interaction
  • Remote sensing sensors and platforms
  • Remote sensing data processing and enhancements
  • Image classifications
  • component development
  • ArcGIS Software Architecture
  • Developing with Arc Objects in VBA environment
  • Concepts of Internet GIS