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Admission to B. Sc. Programmes

Admission   is   available   both in day-time and evening programmes. The B.Sc. programme falls within two categories:

The first category is at advanced standing level. Applicants eligible for   admission   at   this   level are graduates with degree in any field from accredited university/college. Exemptions for transfer applicants or graduates from another university could be requested, for   the   courses   taken   before joining HiLCoE, during application for admission by completing a separate form made available for this purpose.

The second category of applicants eligible for the regular B. Sc. Programmes are those students who passed The Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination or its equivalent and fulfill the formal requirements set by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Admission Procedure

Admission is open for Ethiopians as well as international students. Apart from the stated requirements for admissions into the different study programmes, Special Criteria for Admission may also be set by the Academic Council when deemed necessary, through entrance exams, interviews or by reviewing merits already attained. The Academic Programme Council determines the number of students who may be admitted to each study programme in each entry according to the college’s available resources. The final selection for admission is usually made on a competitive basis and according to the number of places available.

To help the Academic Programme Council assess the applications made for admission to the college, each applicant is required to submit the following to the Admissions Office:

  1. A completed application form obtained from the Office
  2. Certified copies of original documents (degree, transcript, academic testimonials/ references/recommendations or any documents that could be used as an evidence of an academic attainment).
  3. Two 2 X 3 size pictures (taken within the last six months)

Admission to MSCS Programms

The programme is organized to admit students from various academic backgrounds having a first degree from an accredited institution with a high level of aptitude for computing. Bridging courses are primarily intended for first degree graduates from non-IT discipline, although graduates with computing background from other universities whose curricula are significantly different from HiLCoE’s undergraduate curriculum may also join. Moreover those applicants who wish to reinforce their undergraduate studies with the bridging courses provided may also find this a good place to start. Particularly the following requirement must be fulfilled:


  • A first degree in computer science or minor in computing and related fields like Information Science/Systems, Software Engineering and Computer Engineering from an accredited institution.


  • A first degree in any discipline


  • A postgraduate diploma in computer science


  • Passed bridging courses

(OR A significant level of knowledge with work experience in computing and passed entrance exam).

Applicants will sit for Entrance Exam before they can be accepted to join the programme.


In principle transfer of students within HiLCoE’s programmes is allowed if admission transfer procedure is completed. A student must satisfy the minimum admission requirements stated in their respective programmes. In addition, all of the following course transfer rules are enforced as part of the admission process for those applicants who didn’t complete the programme and exemption would be considered for those applicants who have already completed one of the programmes.

  1. Course transfer requests are processed during application for admission transfer provided that the applicant has completed the form made available for this purpose and submitted all relevant academic documents.
  2. A maximum of 30% of the total credit hours of a programme to be admitted to can be exempted.
  3. Exemption of course exhaustively granted mainly from core courses.
  4. Project/Thesis work transfer or/and exemption cannot be granted.
  5. All transfer shall be approved by the Academic Council.