Welcome to HiLCoE School of Computer Science & Technology, the place to come for quality specialized Education Research & Development (ER&D) in the field of ICT. HiLCoE is there for the purpose of transferring knowledge of IT with the help of ER&D to realize your dreams of becoming partner and contributor to the development of the country. Your choice to join this pioneer and center of excellence is the most valuable decision you ever made for your career as an IT professional.

Thus you are becoming not only a part with a group of dynamic people with leading edge ideas in the world of computing education but also to the industry where you practice hands on action what you learn theoretically. Opportunities are tremendous with attractive reward for every effort you put to know and implement the science and technology you learn.

Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, HiLCoE is a specialized computer sicence and technology college, placing great emphasis on delivering high quality education and producing graduates with a good practical knowledge of computing in a wide variety of areas.

Established in January 1997, HiLCoE started operation in Addis Ababa with the launch of tertiary-level academic programmes and offering tailor-made advanced courses together with a cutting-edge consultancy in ICT.

HiLCoE School of Computer Science and Technology targets the development of skilled manpower in the area of Information Technology. Hence, the school focuses on Computer Science, Management Information Systems (MIS) and custom-made IT courses on request.

The directors of HiLCoE, Dr. Nassir Dino and Dr. Ahmed Hussein have a vision to help contribute to the greater use of ICT in the development of Ethiopia through the high calibre of ICT graduates from HiLCoE.

Our rich mix of talented students and staff creates a tremendous educational experience for Ethiopian and overseas students.

HiLCoE offers:

  • BSc Degree in Computer Science and Two postgraduate programmes:
  • MSc Degree in Computer Science and
  • MSc Degree in Software Engineering

See the Admissions page for more information on the programmes and about the application process.