Undergraduate Programme

The BSc Degree in Computer Science is composed of general education, supportive and computer science courses all selected to meet the current needs of the ICT industry, to ensure academic parity and to build up students’ confidence and flexibility.

The curriculum is designed to prepare students to specialize in a diverse range of areas of computer science with the opportunity to further advance their careers in fields such as information science and mathematical science, and to give them the broad skills essential to all areas related to science and technology.

Admission is available in day-time programme. Applicants eligible for the regular B.Sc programme are students who passed the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination or its equivalent and who fulfil the formal requirements set by the Ministry of Education. In line with the new education policy the BSc programme takes four years.

Graduates of this programme are expected to be well-regarded to identify the challenges/opportunities of ICT. In this connection, graduates can work in several computer-related roles, particularly as application developers (programmers) and system and network administrators. They can also serve as graduate and/or research assistants in higher education institutions.

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