Undergraduate Admissions

Admission is open for Ethiopians as well as international students. Apart from the stated requirements for admissions, Special Criteria for Admission may also be set by the Academic Council when deemed necessary, through entrance exams, interviews or by reviewing merits already attained. The Academic Council determines the number of students who may be admitted to each study programme in each entry according to the college’s available resources.

The final selection for admission is usually made on a competitive basis and according to the number of places available.

To help the Academic Council assess the applications made for admission to the college, each applicant is required to submit the following to the Admissions Office:

  1. A completed application form obtained from the HiLCoE Office.
  2. Certified copies of original documents (diploma/degree, transcript, academic testimonials/ references/recommendations or any documents that could be used as an evidence of an academic attainment).
  3. Three 2cm X 3cm size photos

Application Form

To get an application form, please call to HiLCoE at Contact Us. Alternatively, you can request an application form to be sent to you through the postal service. The application form will be available to be filled and processed online soon.

To apply to HiLCoE, you need to return the completed application form (in hard copy), noting the following:

  • include one copy (non-returnable) of each testimonial (transript, diploma, degree etc.) with the original (returnable)
  • any exemption of courses should be requested along with the application
  • applicants will be notified of their admission status by the office after the required processing of their application
  • a non-refundable Application Fee shall be paid with the form applying for admission; this does not guarantee acceptance
  • Curriculum (BSc. in Computer Science)
  • Curriculum (BSc. in Information Systems)