HiLCoE 2018 Graduation @ UNCC Speech by Dr. Nassir Dino

Bringing Value in Education applying multiplex field of ICT
2018 Graduation Keynote Address by Dr. Nassir Dino
HILCoE School of Computer Science and Technology

Thank you, Chairman
Excellency Dr. Fekade Getahun – PhD Coordinator, AAU
Distinguished Faculty,
Invited guests,
Dear Graduates, Family and friends,
Dear All;
It gives me a great honor to welcome you all and celebrate this memorial graduation and best performing awards ceremony.
Today, a total of 190 students from undergraduate and postgraduate programmes will celebrate their successful accomplishment of hard work at HiLCoE School of Computer Science & Technology. Out of these 38 with Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science; 89 with Master of Science Degree in Computer Science; and 65 with Master of Science Degree in Software Engineering of whom 25% are female graduates.
I congratulate all – Congratulations!
It is history now and then ambition to explore opportunities and to mitigate the real world challenges where value, action and experience matters. Given the knowledge acquired that equipped you with the necessary capabilities to climb over the mountain of independent thinkers, we strongly believe that you can play constructive role in today’s world order of innovative and value added socio-economic arena. Keep going!
Dear Graduates - today is your day, I would like to congratulate you, your families, colleagues and others in your achievements and at the same time would like to congratulate HiLCoE’s community as a whole for their 20 years of Knowledge - based quality service in ER&D.
We remember like anything important in our history that the first day of welcoming orientation for the class of RD1, ED1, EAD1 and EPGD1 was on January 05th, 1998. During this time, it has graduated more than 3000 students who have made great success in different sectors of the ICT industry both in local and international venues. Amazing and marvelous work, indeed HISTORY is in making.
No wonder if we lack words to appreciate the people around keeping for so long the positive reputation, harmony and investing in your career assuming the future is promising than limited to reflect on the obstacles that came across. It is not at all without challenges but with the passion and perseverance that we could override the obstacles. In the absence of a role model, you are there to make standards which is an opportunity and a challenge to mention one.
In our strategy to be on top of our vision--To be Center of Excellence in ICT ER&D-- HiLCoE planned to launch new academic programmes starting possibly Autumn 2018 Term at the level of both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Information Systems and Computer & Information Security. These programmes are designed to specialize in Business and Technology alignment and to tackle cyber security anomalies respectively.
Dear Graduates, as a graduate of Computer Science or Software Engineering which are considered as a key enabler to accelerate innovation and value, we believe you develop soft knowledge of team work, independent thinking and humanitarian values. Therefore, you are expected to apply your soft knowledge unlike a machine that could perform its job smarter by bringing value in economic growth, reducing poverty divide and improving living standards of fellow citizens.
This is a great day, not only for you as graduates but also for the respected families, professors, relatives and friends who have given their full support and made sacrifices for the realization of this day and beyond in your respective professional careers.
Wish you all the best and a blessing in your journey ahead.
Thank you all.
February 10, 2018, ECA-UNCC, Addis Ababa.