HiLCoE Graduation 2015 at UNCC

Bridging the Poverty Divide with multiplex field of ICT
2015 Graduation Keynote Address by Dr. Nassir Dino
HILCoE School of Computer Science and Technology
October 31, 2015, UNCC, Addis Ababa.

Thank you, Chairman
Excellency Ato Getachew Negash – State Minister MCIT,
Excellency Dr. Mesfin Belachew – Technical Advisor to the Minister,
Distinguished Faculty,
Family and friends,
And of course, today’s graduates,

It gives me a great honor to welcome you all and celebrate this memorial graduation and best performing awards ceremony.
Today, a total of 320 students from undergraduate and postgraduate programmes will celebrate their successful accomplishment of hard work at HiLCoE School of Computer Science & Technology. Out of these 76 with Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science; 159 with Master of Science Degree in Computer Science; and 85 with Master of Science Degree in Software Engineering of whom 25% are female graduates.
I congratulate all – who are here to witness and celebrate this great moment with our graduates. Congratulation!
HiLCoE has been a Center of Excellence in ICT Education, Research and Development for almost two decades now. During this time, it has graduated more than 3000 students who have made great success in different sectors of the ICT industry both in local and international venues. We are confident that our new graduates will make us even more proud.
You are now prepared to continue your life with a new focus and purpose. You are ready to get into action, reflection and reaction. Know that you can make a difference. Believe that one person can fundamentally change the world for the better.
Education has the power to transform and change whilst it is also continuously transformed and changed. While students need to learn some common and specialized curricular content, they also need to learn how to learn, how to be, how to think, how to relate, how to critically examine, and how to understand and be a part of society. This is what HiLCoE believes and achieved in this graduation.
Today, at different capacity higher education is expanding hugely with full support and commitment at least regarding the required infrastructure and budget. As a result, expansion of the sector produces many graduates to the economy, who should also contribute to the development of the country in many different ways. In the face of fast globalization, the world has become a small village where what is local becomes an international agenda and what are international affect local issues in many different ways.
Dear Graduates, as a graduate of Computer Science or Software Engineering which are considered as a key enabler to accelerate socio-economic progress and development. Therefore, you are expected to apply your knowledge and skill in enhancing productivity and as a result bringing about economic growth, reducing poverty divide and improving living standards of fellow citizens.
In the same token, HiLCoE continues to launch extended IS security tailored trainings, awareness workshops and hybrid state-of-the-art Master of Business Informatics (MBI) programme. This equips policy makers, business managers and techies to align enterprise business and technology services, governance, strategy and vision, this is so to speak the beginning of the immediate future plan.
This is a great day, not only for our graduates but also for their respected families, professors, relatives and friends who have given their full support and made sacrifices for the realization of this day and beyond in their respective professional careers.
Wish you all the best and a blessing in your journey ahead.
Thank you all.