Executive Summary

Long years of experience in Leadership, Management and Enterprise Strategic Architecture which are proven capacities witnessed behind the success of the ventures involved in (ICT - ER&D, Consultancy, IT and Business Projects and formations of Bank). IT is his value that basis from the Mathematical, Computing, Banking and Analytic Academic background he acquired. The research area of interest is promoting the value of aligning Technology and Business with focus on SOA, EA, SOEA and inter and intra enterprise Interoperability, and Banking the unbanked. He has a vision to contribute for quality education, state-of-the-art applied research & cutting-edge consultancy both off-shore and in-house solution development and innovative and alternative access to finance product engineering. Therefore, working for inclusive quality of life and being responsible citizen and volunteerism in mentoring social entrepreneurship is something fascinating him.
Currently, Principal Enterprise Architect, Graduate Programme Director and Associate Professor at HiLCoE. He holds PhD in IT - Software Engineering.
He can be reached through ndinob@yahoo.com, nassir@hilcoe.net