Research Area

Dr. Nassir Dino is the Director General and co-founder of HiLCoE, along with Dr. Ahmed Hussien. He is an IT and education professional with more than 15 years experience.

Consultancy & Research:

  • Identifying potential research topics and areas of specialization for graduate students and senior students of the B.Sc. classes;
  • Preparation of teaching materials, guidelines, organizing pedagogical trainings;
  • Working and participating with national and international consultants on policy issues of the government and other stakeholders like schools, colleges, universities, researchers, World Bank, Ministry of Education and so on;
  • Identifying Quality Assurance principles, Monitoring and evaluation technique setting and advise;
  • Participation in Localization projects like: local languages script standardization (Amharic), mobile phone, email exchange software/platforms design and implementation and so on;
  • Infrastructure/Technology architecture, Network design & installation;
  • Solution architecture, data architecture and service architecture;
  • Content Management Systems (using open source technology) for local language documents which are in text and audio-visual;
  • Project Manager in several projects including resource planning/scheduling, budgeting, allocating human resource. Most of the projects are on software development & ICT consultancy:- Requirement analysis, design, Testing and ICT strategic planning & implementation. The problem domains are on localization, financial systems, project monitoring and evaluation, Banking system, Inventor & stock management, human resource management, Scheduling, fleet management for airlines as well as truck transport enterprises, Web based tourism related systems like hotel and related jobs of MIS in general.
  • Financial system PASS ME selection process for banks. Reviewing and participated in Define, Design, Deploy of banking solutions.
  • Consultant in the field of ICT and Islamic Banking be it for policy makers and investors.
  • Specialized in Enterprise Architecture, SOA and Software Architecture and Design patterns.

Outstanding Research Area

  • Business and IT Solution architecture, Governance and Alignment and Enterprise Vision Architecture;
  • Alternative means and products for unbanked entrepreneurs / access to finance;
  • E-learning strength and opportunities; lessons learnt from developed countries;
  • Editorial Board member of HiLCoE JCST - Journal of Computer Science and Technology.
  • June, 1997 - December, 1997:
    As a System Engineer at AFCOR (Ethiopia) IBM British owned company for the duties and responsibilities of – System Development, Customer Support, Technicians and Job order scheduling.