Dr. Nassir Dino is the Director General and co-founder of HiLCoE, along with Dr. Ahmed Hussien. He is an IT and education professional with more than 15 years experience.

Publications & Conferences

  1. SOEA Framework, 11th Annual GITMA 2010 Conference, June 20 – 22, 2010 Washington D.C., USA.
  2. Reviewer and co-chairman of IT in Africa Global IT.
  3. Co-author of assessing the vulnerability of the Ethiopian public service providing sector to social engineering attacks.
  4. Organizational Awareness on Vulnerabilities of E-Business (A case of developing country: Ethiopia).
  5. Social Engineering: Employee’s are potential problems of Security.
  6. Case Study of Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture Framework, Computer Technology and Application, Volume 3, Number 3, P240 - P249 (Serial Number 16) (ISSN1934-7340), David Publishing Company, USA. can also be accessed from (
  7. Rationale of IFB (Islamic Bank) in Ethiopia, for Business Community, June 2007 at AA City Hall and Jeddah KSA.
  8. Rationale of IFB (Islamic Bank) in Ethiopia, for policy makers.
  9. Banking the Unbanked: Access to Finance, February 2010, UNECA, Conference Center, AA Ethiopia.
  10. “The case study on SOEAF”, The open group conference, May 9 – 11 in London;
  11. Business and IT Strategic Alignment applying SOEA Framework. International Refereed Journal of Engineering and Science (IRJES)
    ISSN (Online) 2319-183X, (Print) 2319-1821
    Volume 1, Issue 4(December 2012), PP.46-51;
  12. A New Way of Architecting Enterprise, The 4th international Conference on Management of Emergent Digital EcoSystem MEDES’12, ACM 978-1-4503-1755-9/10/10.
  13. An MVC Approach to Design a Content Management System,
  14. Hybrid Software Architectural design pattern model.
  15. Service Interoperability for Enterprise.
  16. Grid and Peer-to-Peer Computing – With Practical Application.
  17. Governance for SOEA Application in Banking Industry.
  18. Reviewed Research papers on Quantitative Usability Measurement for COTS product - The case of Core Banking software; Interoperability Payment System: Requirement driven Architecture for Ethiopian Banking sector; SOA Business Process Interoperability using TOGAF, Organizational Interoperability for Agricultural Researches with cross Organization BPM; Personality Traits of Software Developers for Selecting Software Development Methodology; Reengineering finance system using LINK framework and Web service; and many more articles.