Executive Summary

With a PhD in Computer Networks Security, 12 years of experience and with CISSP certified, his medium term plan is to promote CISSP in Ethiopia (and the region) through consultancy, training and development, under the umbrella of HiLCoE Computer Systems Engineering (HCSE), one of the leading IT consulting companies in Ethiopia. HCSE is the development wing of HiLCoE School of Computer Science & Technology (HSCST). The output of the school (both from the education and the research wing) has been channeled to the industry and the business world. Through this wing, HiLCoE provides consultancy on internet, MIS, software design and development, computer security, networking, business process re-engineering, Information Strategic Planning and the like.
Currently, Director Academics, Associate Professor of Computer Security, Security Administrator and President of the Academic Council.
He can be reached through ahuseid@yahoo.com, ahmed@hilcoe.net