Vision, Mission, and Core Values of HiLCoE

HiLCoE is committed to excellence and continuous improvement. It is being recognized as an innovative, dynamic, and exciting community in which to learn, teach and work. HiLCoE is known for industrious educational quality, a student-centered focus, and service beyond the campus. To achieve its vision and mission, HiLCoE has created core value oriented organizational structure.


  • Aspires to be a Centre of Excellence in the area of ICT Education, Research and Development (ER&D).


  • To provide innovative undergraduate and graduate education that contributes to the development of society and the individual.
  • To establish a strong foundation in ICT and use of current technologies, and prepare students to be lifelong learners who are proficient in their fields of study, able to adapt to a changing world and contribute to the betterment of society and beyond.
  • To conduct research and disseminate research results in ICT that will push the frontiers of knowledge and that are relevant to the development needs of the country.

Core Values

HiLCoE values the following as central to its success:

Company Overview

The college pioneered computer science education in the country. It was founded by two computer professionals, Nassir Dino (PhD) and Ahmed Hussein (PhD).
At the present time, HiLCoE is offering Undergraduate and Post Graduate Degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Message from College's President, Nassir Dino (PhD)

Nassir Dino (PhD), Graduate Program DirectorThis message is taken from his speech to address the first MSc graduation ritual held at ECA hall. (Click to read full speech)
Dear Graduates, Families and Friends, Dear Staff and Colleagues, Dear All; Congratulations! HiLCoE, a pioneer private higher education institution in Ethiopia, has more than 15 years of service in teaching, consulting and research in the area of Computer Science and Technology. Opportunities are tremendous with attractive reward for every effort you put to know and implement the evergreen field of Computer Science and Technology. Your dreams become realized by choice to join this pioneer and Center of Excellence in ICT ER&D in parallel with cutting-edge consultancy. The curricula are designed to inculcate the essence of science and technology by applying the methods, techniques and principles of all courses with hands on action project. I do believe, the research project has infused in your mind to proceed for PhD that will make you a resource and means of image building to our beloved Land. This was one of the reasons to expose you to world class professors and scholar-practitioners during the course works and research processes.

Message from Director Academics, Ahmed Hussien (PhD)

Ahmed Hussein (PhD), Director AcademicsHILCOE SCHOOL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (HSCST) is the first private higher educational institution in Ethiopia. It is an institute that adapted the French “Grands Ecoles – Engineering Schools” model to the Ethiopian context. Consequently, HiLCoE is specialized in Computer Science and software engineering studies and provides industry focused education. Since 1997, HiLCoE is running accredited Computer Science programmes leading to Diploma, B.Sc Degree, Postgraduate Diploma for more than a decade. Two Masters programmes in Computer Science & in Software Engineering are also launched in the academic year 2009. HiLCoE is a winner of many international and local awards of which the 2002 Republic of Ethiopia Presidential Award on “Knowledge based services” worths to be mentioned.